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Real Estate

Residential Land:


Municipal Bonds, Federal Bonds, Foreign Bonds, HY Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bonds,
Common Stock, Preferred Stock, Penny Stocks, CD Ladders, TIPs, CDs


Hot right now:
Mexican Pesos,
Russian Ruble,
Japanese Yen,
Indian Rupee,
Arab Emirate Dirham


Hot right now:

American-made Glass,
(Glass blowers who specialize in functional pieces are rapidly growing in popularity.)

Contemporary Fine Art,
(A timeless investment technique is collecting fine art. Many modern artists are rising up.)

Concept Art,
(Concept art can be sold as an asset for producing media or as a special visual. )

Pixel Art
(Like game art, pixel art has many uses as well being a pleasing visual.)

(Developers spend weeks, months, even years on apps or games that sell rights/licenses for less than $10,000.)

Virtual Goods
(Servers, monetized websites, IAPs, Ad space and code libraries are useful and limited and therefore have value. )

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